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Everything I talk about here works great when using MS Office.  Also, I am using ubuntu 11.04, with LibreOffice 3.3.2  OOO330m19 (Build:202).

I have some non-DRM epub files.  Using Calibre, I convert them to .rtf.  (fyi, I get the same thing when I convert plain .txt files)  Open them with Libre.  Add TOC page, bookmarks, and hyperlinks (to same documents).  Try to save, & get "Format will be changed" flag.  Try anyhow, & when I re-open the file, the bookmarks and links are no longer in the document.  Add them again, and I apparently can save them in .odt, but not txt or rtf.  Try to export to pdf, the formatting appears to be there, but no links/bookmarks.  When I save to html, the links work, but the formatting is WAAAY off.  And, btw, if I download a web page as .html, then open it with libre, wierd formatting, and more notes than content.  (the comments are on the right side of the page...and I seem to get all kinds of wierd symbols that I have no idea what they are/mean. 

Is what is it that I am doing, or not doing right?  Any help or advice would be appreciated.  Like I said...all of this works in MS Word with no problems or hitches.  But as I am switching to ubuntu, I really want to learn to use Libre.  Thank You for your assistance.