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I am having trouble opening a file saved in Text CSV in Calc.  When I attempt to open it, all the numbers come out jumbled, some are incorrect and not in correct columns.  In the attached example the mutual funds number of shares should be in the thousands but they show only as single digits.  The market values are incorrect.
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we would need to see what the
we would need to see what the actual cvs looks like (i.e. could you attach that) to make any sense of this along with what you are expecting to see
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Choose the correct boxes to tick in the Separator Options
When you open a CSV file, you get a dialogue box before the file opens. A sample of what the file will look like appears at the bottom of the dialogue. In the case of this file, untick the Comma as it is part of the numbers, not a separator as in most Comma Separated Values (CSV) files. Probably the separator here is the Tab, so try ticking that, but you can experiment.

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