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If you go into the "Window" menu you can create a "New Window." However, I can't figure out how to switch to the new window except by using the mouse.  In old MS Office you could "Alt-W,1 or 2) in new Office (2007 up) you can Ctrl+F6 to switch.  I can't find any hotkey to switch open windows in Calc.  Anybody know if there is a shortcut for this?
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Hello HawallMike, Excuse my

Hello HawallMike,

Excuse my bad english, I write from Belgium.

If the shortcut does not exist, you can create it through the menu "Tools" then "cutomization".

In the window named "Keyboard shortcut", you select one of the items in black ink (the items in grey ink are reserved).

There, you select "Keyboard/Function/Insert". In the list on the right, you find "Add a sheet"

You click on the first button top "Modify". The new action will appeared on the right of the key in the window "Keybord shortcut".

You close the window and you can use the new shortcut.


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