Input Unicode hex values

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How do I input a Unicode character using the hex value?

For example, in MS Word, when I type 3007, followed by alt+x, I will get . This is my usual way of typing Unicode characters. I don't have to search. I just type.

How about in LibreOffice Writer? Is it possible to do this? If yes, how? If this is _not_ available, this could be a feature request for future versions of LibreOffice.

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gives ways of doing this. the alt+x is limited to a few software packages and the above post gives two alternative to this that work in any package (in windows)
Also see for more info and if you want to do this in Linux or Mac OSX
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Chinese (traditional) - Unicode

This came up in the French section of these forums recently. Another possibility seems to be Chinese (traditional) - Unicode. See:

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