Misbehaving EPS insert when using Insert...Picture...From File

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After some weeks of struggling with mysterious, inconsistent EPS inserts in LibreOffice (Fedora Core 17), I decided at least to try to characterise the problem. Here’s what I found.

The situation that happens is, an EPS insert comes in with distorted aspect ratio and/or “random” cropping – and you don’t seem to be able to fix the crop. I tested a few options – and this was enough to lead to a suspicion based on past experience. With a file that came in distorted but not cropped, I changed the size of the image to 8.5 cm x 11 cm (i.e. US letter aspect ratio, even though the units of measure are wrong!) Presto! Correct aspect ratio. It actually placed the graphic in its “native” size within an 8.5“x11” box, and filled the rest of the box with white. Further examination shows that “cropped” images are being cropped into an 8.5*11 (w*h) format when the “native” (original image) size exceeds actual US letter size – 8.5”*11”. I should note that I’m in the UK and using Euro sizes – A4 is my default page size.

This has the feel of a quick hack inserted for testing that somehow passed through unnoticed into the release version. It certainly needs to be fixed regardless. I must note that I’ve seen several places, in fact, where the US letter size is apparently “hard-wired” into the code; I might start collecting a list and noting these, because on the whole it seems they ought to be fixed.

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From what you say I think you
From what you say I think you should be filing a bug report
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