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I’m seriously considering the purchase of an iPad after months and months of deliberation and justification to my wife. I really need to access some spreadsheets I have in LibreOffice while traveling. From what I’ve read here, this might be a problem. Currently, I work on these spreadsheets at home on my iMac. What’s the latest on this subject please. Thanks.
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latest on the subject
This is largely what I have read on the internet about the matter of producing a version of LO for iOS:

Obviously it will make sense to build only a part of LibreOffice’s code for iOS. Possibly all GUI-oriented code should be left out, and some iOS app that eventually wants to use the remaining bits will handle all its GUI in a platform-dependent manner. How well it will be possible to do such a split remains to be seen. As I said, this is highly experimental and just in its baby steps phase.

Technically, one important special aspect of iOS is that apps are not allowed to load own dynamic libraries. (System libraries are used in the form of dynamic libraries, just like on Mac OS X, of which iOS is a variant.) So all the libraries in LibreOffice that normally are shared libraries (DLLs on Windows, shared objects (.so) on Linux, dynamic libraries on Mac OS X (.dylib)) need to be built as static archives instead. Obviously this will have some interesting consequences on how UNO works.

Android and iOS versions of LibreOffice are under development and are expected to arrive late in 2012 or early in 2013. The initial porting effort will focus on the tablet form factor, but phone versions could be developed later. The mobile ports are based on the efforts of Tor Lillqvist. […] The strategy he lays out is to port underlying implementation code, but create platform-specific user interfaces.

Its App Store policy prohibits (L)GPL-licensed software […] The App Store does not explicitly state that it prohibits the (L)GPL, but, by limiting what you can do with the software, it effectively prohibits the license.

in terms of a product that you can usefully file bugs against, it’s clearly a prototype still. […] One of the biggest problems to be solved is whittling the file size down below the Android store limit of 50MB. The files for the document viewer and full office suite today range from 54MB to 57MB. The way around this is to create a smaller Google Play store download that includes a full installer to grab the rest of the files from LibreOffice servers. […] Another challenge is stripping enough stuff out of the app to make it fit a mobile device, without limiting functionality so much that it becomes useless. Today, the viewer works well for word processing documents, OK for presentations, and not terribly well for spreadsheets. [… Michael] Meeks said he hopes to get the LibreOffice Viewer for Android out this year, but “it really depends if we can get … skilled Android people to help out there.”

Changes / commits to the Android and iOS porting efforts can be followed via OpenGrok. It can be seen from both those list of commits that works is progressing steadily. As to what state the code is currently at, I am uncertain and I doubt even the developers would comment further until they have something substantial to show. I would guess that either by late this year (less likely) or early next year (more likely) that the Android version would be avilable. I imagine the iOS version would be available some months (at least) after that.

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